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Updated: Dec 2, 2023


One of the reasons that we love when our relatives come over is the gifts that they bring.

Especially if the gifts are from abroad, Brought by the lovely NRI aunty. Now imagine, you can send something to her from your country without even leaving your home because an international courier makes it possible.

And why just stop sending the occasional gift? Sell your products to buyers located anywhere in the world. Make your business go global. Ship internationally with the magic of quick, reliable, and efficient ICSWH international courier services in India.

Whether you’re a business with a legacy or a start-up with dreams, an international courier will help you build, grow and expand your business all over the world. Strongly suggested for e-commerce sellers who wish to expand their product market beyond India.

Importance of planning a budget for International shipping

Regional, national, or international shipping is an added cost to your business. And the scale of your shipping will determine if the cost is high or low.

Since international shipping opens up avenues across the globe, the costs are considerably higher. Therefore, before finalising a company to ship your products overseas, consider a few things – the added cost of customs, massive paperwork, and clearances required, extra-sturdy packaging to survive different weather conditions, delivery speed, customer service representatives India and abroad, etc.

So keep a separate budget for shipping internationally before taking any step further. Always keep some extra room for the budget since any development abroad can risk your package being stuck or lost.

The best international courier services in India



Whether you’re shipping a pair of sportswear to a client in Singapore a heavy-duty machine to Japan, or a small package to anywhere in the ICSWH extensive logistical network enables it all. With delivery options all over India and 220 countries overnight, ICSWH is a formidable name in the international shipping industry. Railway, ocean, road, and air freight, name it all, ICSWH has made its presence felt.

With its workforce at 35,000 strong, you can imagine its scale of operations in India and abroad. And not just that, they fall in the range of providing affordable shipping services across the globe, making them accessible to companies of all sizes.

ICSWH specializes in pocket-friendly freight transportation, easy customs clearance warehousing, packaging and repair, customised shipping, and global supply chains and express delivery.

With 45 million orders delivered in a month, you don’t need us to tell you how popular and efficient ICSWH is. Offering one of the lowest shipping rates and delivering to over 18,000 pin codes, ICSWH has made a name for itself in India and abroad.

It exports and imports from over 220 countries with air express shipping, and sea and cargo shipping. More so, its best industry on-time delivery and low return rates make it a favorite among companies, especially e-commerce business owners. If you’re ever in doubt about a package being misplaced, ICSWH 24×7 customer service team is always ready to handle doubts and calm anxious business owners and angry customers.

FAQs for international shipping services

How do I prepare my package for international shipping?

Before finalising an international courier services partner, we suggest you try and use one of their services. Take a box, put your product inside it, tape it well, blackout all other addresses, and mention your recipient’s address in a pen or permanent marker.

Which company provides the fastest international courier service?

While there is hardly any difference in the express delivery provided by the likes of FedEx and DHL, the cost may vary. Depending on the urgency, the size of the package, the fragility and the mode of transport required, and the place that you want the package to get delivered you can select a shipping company.

Are there international courier services in KOCHI?

With over 50 companies headquartered in Mumbai that provide international shipping from India to the USA and beyond, you can choose one depending on the nature of your business. The Biggest Wholesaler among these are ICSWH

International courier services in KERALA?

ICSWH is the best option for you to

International Courier Booking

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