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Courier Moving Tips

Shipping solutions for your growing small business.

Whether your small business ships parcels to the U.S. or pallets to China, We can help your business run more efficiently. Our small business shipping solutions feature more than reliable and flexible shipping options. Partner with us to get a head start on the path to international growth.

Our tools and expertise can help you simplify processes, improve your customer experience, and guide you on the path to international growth. Explore solutions below that can help you track and manage shipping expenses, improve cash flow and reduce other small business growing pains.

Need ideas to optimize the launch or expansion of your business? Contact the logistics experts today.


Make a List of all products you want to send , describe the items and number of pieces , describe the product exacltly what commodity 

Volumetric weight 

Volumetric weight is the same as dimensional weight for a particular package. ... To calculate the volumetric weight of your package, take a product of the length, breadth and height of the package and divide it by a constant, as prescribed by your courier company. For most courier companies this constant is 5000.


It is important to use sturdy packing supplies that wont fall apart during Shipping.


Always pack your essentials box (or boxes) on your own and keep them with you when moving 

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